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21 July 2024

Anti-quota protest: Chhatra League urges students to return to class

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Published: 13:46, 11 July 2024

Update: 16:28, 11 July 2024

Anti-quota protest: Chhatra League urges students to return to class

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Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) has called on students protesting the quota system in government jobs to await the court’s decision and return to their classrooms and exams. BCL expressed its stance on the ongoing anti-quota movement at a press conference held at Madhur Canteen, Dhaka University, today at 12 pm.

Saddam Hussain, President of BCL central committee, emphasized the necessity of considering the court’s observations. “Seeking orders from the executive department alone is not wise. Good decisions take time. Mob justice cannot be commendable,” Hussain said.

Highlighting the importance of the quota system, the BCL president said, “The quota system is an inclusive framework that ensures participation and gender balance. The government and the High Court are actively working to resolve this issue. Students need to be patient.”

He further clarified, “This is not an anti-discrimination student movement. Statistics show that quotas are essential for ensuring gender balance and an inclusive administration.”

Addressing the impact of the ongoing protests, the BCL president criticized the disruption caused by road and rail blockades. “Students are creating a crisis, leading to public suffering. These issues must be resolved through policy discussions and strategic actions. We urge students to return to their classes,” he said.