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BCL offers air tickets for Tarique Rahman to return

DU Correspondent

Published: 12:38, 17 August 2023

Update: 12:48, 17 August 2023

BCL offers air tickets for Tarique Rahman to return

Photo : TDM

Bangladesh Chatra League (BCL) will arrange air tickets for BNP's acting Chairman Tarique Rahman to return, said Saddam Hussain, the president of the BCL.

He said this after a march organised by the organisation at the Dhaka University campus on Thursday (August 17).

The Chhatra League president said I call upon the government to immediately bring Tarique Rahman, the mastermind of the 21 August grenade attack, to justice. The Chhatra League will arrange London-Dhaka air tickets. Let him be brought in. Bring Tarique Rahman to Bangladesh to establish the rule of law. Let him be brought and executed judgment. 

The BNP conducted many activities, hired lobbyists, and gave money to save the war criminals, allegedly said Saddam Hussain.

Saddam also said that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is a development miracle politician around the world. Sheikh Hasina is the proof of how to eliminate militancy and terrorism and unite the entire country by conducting socio-cultural movements.

The Bangladesh Chatra League marched before the rally. The march started from Madhur Canteen, circled the important streets of the university, and ended in front of the Raju sculpture, near the Teachers and Students' Center. Leaders and activists from the Chatra League participated in it.


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