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24 June 2024

TikTok added new features to the guidelines

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Published: 18:53, 26 May 2024

TikTok added new features to the guidelines

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TikTok has announced updates to its Community Guidelines and the introduction of new features aimed at empowering creators and ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for the global community. Effective from May 17, these updates include clearer definitions, new features for understanding policies, and improved tools for monitoring account status.

TikTok has refined its Community Guidelines to provide clearer definitions and more detailed information on policies related to hate speech, health misinformation, and content moderation. These enhancements are designed to improve user understanding and transparency regarding TikTok rules and enforcement processes.

TikTok is implementing new eligibility standards to ensure a safer experience on the For You feed. Creators who repeatedly post content that violates these standards will see their accounts temporarily ineligible for recommendation in the For You feed. Additionally, their content will be less visible in search results. Affected creators will receive notifications and have the opportunity to appeal these decisions.

To assist creators in understanding TikTok rules, the platform is introducing a warning strike system. When a creator violates Community Guidelines for the first time, they will receive a warning that does not count toward their account strike tally. Future violations, however, will be tracked and penalized accordingly. TikTok will inform creators of the specific rules they have breached and guide the appeals process for potential errors.

TikTok is rolling out a new feature called Account Check to further support creators. This tool allows creators to audit their accounts and recent posts, providing a clear overview of their standing on TikTok. Account Check will indicate any restrictions on features such as comments or direct messaging due to guideline violations, and highlight content removed or restricted from the For You feed. This feature complements the existing Account status page, offering a comprehensive view of a creator's adherence to platform rules.

Additionally, TikTok is introducing the TikTok Creator Code of Conduct, setting standards for creators participating in TikTok programs, features, events, and campaigns. This code, which will be enforced in the coming weeks, outlines the responsibilities of creators both on and off-platform, ensuring a consistent and positive experience for all participants.

TikTok remains committed to enhancing the safety and experience of its over one billion users worldwide. These updates underscore TikTok's dedication to supporting its creator community with the tools and information needed to thrive on the platform.