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15 June 2024

‘Enough is enough’: ‘Embarrassed’ Wasim Akram in criticism of Pakistan

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Published: 10:56, 11 June 2024

‘Enough is enough’: ‘Embarrassed’ Wasim Akram in criticism of Pakistan

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Wasim Akram, A champion player of his time, a bonafide legend. A Pakistan cricket team he once helped build is crumbling right before his eyes today. With each loss, Pakistan's stature in world cricket is taking a hit. They've become a team everyone is going after. They've lost before, and they'll lose again further down the line like any other team, but muddled team selections, player credentials, and internal politics within the Pakistan Cricket Board, like termites, are destroying the team from the inside.

The same is reflected in Pakistan's performance on the field. After losing to the United States of America for arguably the biggest shocker in T20 World Cup history, Pakistan choked on their own batting when they failed to chase down 120 against India. It was their best chance to break free. The surface didn't have any demons, the sun was beating down. It was a pure case of abysmal game awareness, and Pakistan, comprising players with experience of over 100 matches, couldn't even do that.

But enough is enough, says Akram. The former Pakistan captain has called for radical changes following the T20 World Cup. Absolutely livid with the performances of the current Pakistan team and its off-field nuisances, Akram has requested the PCB to summon a new set of players and form a team around them irrespective of the results.

"Enough is enough. We need changes now. Bring in a new team – six to seven players and then back them through losses so that they can develop as a team. It's time for the PCB chairman to take a bold step. We keep hearing [of the team] that this guy isn't talking to that guy, or that guy isn't talking to him. This was the best New York pitch so far, it wasn't that difficult. How tough was it to chase 120? After this performance, I don't think Pakistan deserve to go into the Super 8s," Akram said in a video posted on his Twitter handle.

Following their six-run defeat to India, a new narrative seems to have taken over. Javeria Khan posted that India didn't beat Pakistan. Pakistan did by shooting itself in the foot. And Akram agrees. From staging a brilliant comeback by picking seven wickets for 30 runs, Pakistan underwent the same collapse. They lost wickets everytime India tried to get one, culminating in the chase blowing up on their face. Akram, embarrassed to see the current team struggle, called it a sad day for Pakistan cricket and ruthlessly took down the players, its culture and its pure incompetence.

"Pakistan team doesn't need enemies. They themselves are enough. Should we spoon-feed them everything? Should we need to tell them what the situation is? Will Babar do it, or the coach do it? For the last 8-10 years these players are playing. Should I tell [Mohammad] Rizwan that their main bowler [Jasprit Bumrah] has come back to pick up a wicket, so take a single? You've hardly hit a boundary after 10 overs. Didn't even try."

"Now I've started feeling embarrassed. As a Pakistani, I want to back Pakistan team but. But there is a limit to everything. It was a very sad day for Pakistan cricket, unfortunately. I can't even speak right now. Obviously, you'll be frustrated. I am really down. I am usually a positive person but to lose like this? This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but it is what it is," concluded Akram in his X (former Twitter) video.